About Us 20 years of experience & more than 100,000 completed orders

Who We Are

SERCONS Certification Authority is the leading Russian Notified Body since 1996 in the field of Russian Certification. We issue the required certificates for Russia and the Customs Union, as well as perform expert appraisal of industrial safety and quality management systems.

With more than 100,000 completed orders, SERCONS has solidified its reputation as a reliable and professional partner. Our 20 years of experience allows us to confidently look into the future with no reason to slow down.

SERCONS Korea office

In addition to 15 branches in Russia and global branches in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, SERCONS has established a branch for Korean customers in Korea.

Korean office works individually with each customer, and managers can speak multiple languages to communicate with customers and answer questions at all stages of the process.

It also offers competitive prices similar to other Russian companies

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Transparency of settlements

Our proposals are always clear and upfront with our customers.  Each proposal is clearly outlined with details of the scope work, time to complete the documentation, and the related costs associated with them.

We are an Accredited Body

We are accredited by RusAccreditation to perform all of our certifications so we are not an agent.  Our years of experience will allow you to obtain even the most complicated certifications in the fastest time.

Individual Approach to each Client

Each client has its own manager who will advise you at every stage.  The company operates its own quality control service that evaluates the quality of the service you receive as well as the attention given to you by our employees.

The Largest Certification Company in Russia

SERCONS is the leading Russian company the field of certification and safety expertise – in the field of.  Our staff of specialists and experts amount to over 1.200 people.

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